How to check airtel data balance In Nigeria (NEW CODE)

How to check airtel data balance

Would you like to discover how to check your Airtel-Data-Balance on your phone before it runs out? Your mobile data is a crucial aspect of your smartphone experience. Activities such as watching movies, browsing social media, and using various apps rely on mobile data. Regularly monitoring your data balance is essential, given the prevalence of mobile broadband and 4G connectivity in today’s era.


Airtel Nigeria, a prominent telecommunications company, has introduced a convenient shortcode that enables you to check both your airtime account balance and data balance. This eliminates the need to contact their customer care hotline, as you can access this information from the comfort of your own space.


It’s common for individuals to search for methods to recharge their Airtel mobile lines and data. Many Airtel subscribers are unaware of how to check their credit balance on the network, especially with networks frequently providing balance updates after calls and text messages. Keeping track of your data balance empowers you to make informed decisions about your usage, ensuring you stay connected and efficient in both personal and professional online activities.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance In Nigeria Using New Code 

To check your Airtel data balance, you have three methods available:


Step 1. USSD CODE Method:

Dial *323# and wait for a Pop up message on your screen Telling you,

Dear customer, you will receive an sms Shortly with your Data balance details shortly.

Then check your messages inbox 📥 for the full details of your Data Balance.

Step 2. SMS Method:

Send a text message with the word “Balance” to 323.

You’ll receive a reply containing your bundle balance.


Step 3. MyAirtel App method:

Download the Airtel app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the iOS store (for Apple devices) if it’s not already on your phone.

After downloading the app, register by entering your registered phone number. An OTP will be sent to your number; enter it correctly. Once registered, log in using your phone number and password. On the homepage, you’ll find details about your line. Navigate to the data options to view your data balance.


These methods ensure you can conveniently keep track of your Airtel data balance using your preferred approach.


To check your Airtel Nigeria Night plan balance:

simply use the USSD code by dialing *323# to view your remaining balance.


When it comes to recharging data on Airtel, they offer a range of plans to suit your needs, providing a fast, affordable, and reliable internet experience that ensures constant connectivity wherever you are. To begin, dial *312# and follow the prompts to choose your desired plan, whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly option. This streamlined process allows you to select the plan that best aligns with your data requirements.

Airtel FAQS…


1. What is Airtel’s data plan?

Airtel data plans are prepaid and postpaid plans that provide different amounts of mobile data to use the internet on Airtel’s network.


2. How to get Airtel data plan?

You can sign up for an Airtel data plan by dialing *312# from your Airtel mobile number and following the instructions or by using the Airtel mobile app.


3. What types of Airtel data plans are available?

Airtel offers a variety of data plans, including daily, weekly, monthly and unlimited plans, to meet different data usage needs.


4. Can I carry over unused data to the next month?

Yes, Airtel offers data transfer on some of their plans, allowing you to roll over unused data to the next billing cycle.


5. Are there streaming or social media-specific data plans?

Airtel offers specialized plans that deliver data to specific social media platforms or streaming services like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.


6. How to enable data sharing on Airtel?

You can share your Airtel data with friends and family by dialing *321# and selecting the data sharing option.


7. Do Airtel data plans include international roaming data?

Some Airtel plans may include international roaming data, but it is important to check specific plan details or contact customer support for exact information.


8. Can I subscribe to multiple data plans at the same time?

Yes, you can subscribe to multiple Airtel data plans at the same time and they will have separate data balances.


9. What shoulddo if my data plan expires and I still have unused data?

If your data plan expires and you have unused data, you run the risk of losing it. To avoid this, be sure to renew your plan before it expires or consider using data transfer, if available.



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