How To Check MTN Data Balance In Nigeria (NEW CODE)

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MTN stands as a prominent telecommunications company in Nigeria!!, boasting a vast and enthusiastic subscriber base. Its establishment in the Nigerian market dates back to 2001, and since then, MTN has been diligently furnishing its client with an array of connectivity-offerings. Foremost among these are voice communication, text messaging, and data services, like how to Check MTN Data Balance. In the contemporary landscape, MTN patrons are presented with an extensive selection of bundles tailored to cater to their distinct requirements for internet usage, telephony, and messaging. If you’re curious about the procedure to ascertain your remaining MTN data balance through the procedures, On How to check mtn data balance, this knowledge will help you avert any potential service interruptions.

Similar to various other reputable telecommunications companies, MTN has introduced a variety of choices for its customers to explore when it comes to verifying their data balances.

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How To Check MTN Data Balance In Nigeria Using The New Code!!

To check your MTN data balance, you have few options available:

1. Using the MTN USSD Code:

– Open your phone’s dialer app.

– Dial  *323*4# and press send.

– Wait briefly for a pop-up and a text message from MTN, displaying your active data bundles and their balances.

2. Via Text Message:

– Open your messaging app.

– Type “2” and send it to “312”.

– Receive a text message containing details of your active data bundles and their balances.

3. Using the MyMTN Mobile App:

– Download the MyMTN official mobile app from the Play Store.

– Open the app and enter your phone number. An OTP code will be sent to verify your number.

– Set up your login details, including a username and password if required.

– Once logged in, access the app’s homepage to view your account details, such as current tariff plan, airtime balance, data plans, and their balances.


MTN Data Frequently Asked questions!

1: How do I check my MTN data balance in Nigeria?

A: Checking your MTN data balance in Nigeria is a straightforward process. You have two primary methods at your disposal:

1. Using USSD Code:

– On your mobile device, open the dialer app.

– Dial either “*323#” or “*323*4#” and then press the “Call” button.

– Wait for a moment, and your current data balance will be displayed on your screen.

2. Via SMS:

– Open your messaging app on your phone.

– Compose a new message with “2” as the content.

– Send the message to the number “312.”

– Shortly after sending, you will receive an SMS containing your data balance information.

2: Is there a fee for checking my MTN data balance in Nigeria?

A: No, checking your MTN data balance is completely free in Nigeria. Feel free to check your data balance as often as needed without incurring any charges.

3: Can I check my MTN data balance using the MTN mobile app?

A: Absolutely, the MTN mobile app provides a convenient way to monitor your data balance among other services. Follow these steps:

1. Download the official “MyMTN” mobile app from your device’s app store.

2. After installation, open the app and input your phone number.

3. An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your number. Enter the OTP to verify.

4. Complete the setup by providing necessary login details.

5. Once logged in, navigate to the “My Account” section within the app. Here, you’ll find your current data plan and remaining data balance.

4: How often should I check my MTN data balance in Nigeria?

A: It’s advisable to check your MTN data balance regularly, particularly if you’re on a limited data plan. By doing so, you’ll stay informed about your usage patterns and ensure you don’t unexpectedly run out of data.

5: What should I do if my MTN data balance is not displaying?

A: In the rare event that your MTN data balance doesn’t appear after dialing the USSD code, you can take these steps:

1. Restart your mobile device.

2. Dial the USSD code (*323# or *323*4#) again.

3. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to MTN customer care for assistance.

6: Can I check my MTN data balance using SMS?

A: Certainly, you can inquire about your MTN data balance using SMS. Follow these steps:

1. Open your messaging app.

2. Compose a new text message with “2” as the content.

3. Send the message to the number “312.”

4. You will shortly receive an SMS containing details about your current data balance.

7: How do I know when my MTN data plan is about to expire?

A: MTN will ensure you’re informed ahead of time. They will send you an SMS notification as your data plan’s expiration date draws near. This proactive notification gives you ample time to renew your plan before it expires.

8: Can I roll over my unused MTN data to the next month?**

A: Indeed, MTN offers the benefit of data rollover for certain plans. This means that if you have unused data at the end of your current subscription period, it can be carried over and added to your data allocation for the next month. However, please note that this option may not be available for all plans, and it’s important to renew your data plan before it expires to take advantage of this feature.

9: What should I do if I exhaust my MTN data before the expiry date?

A: If you happen to use up your MTN data allocation before the scheduled expiration date, you have a couple of options:

1. Purchase a Data Add-On: MTN provides the option to purchase a data add-on, which adds additional data to your current plan. This allows you to continue using data until your plan’s expiry date.

2. Renew Your Data Plan: Another option is to renew your data plan before it reaches its expiration. By doing so, you ensure uninterrupted data services.

10: Can I share my MTN data balance with others?

A: Yes, MTN offers a data-sharing service that enables you to share your data balance with other MTN users. To utilize this service:

1. Dial *312# on your mobile device.

2. Follow the prompts to initiate the data-sharing process.

3. You’ll be able to allocate a portion of your data to other MTN users, enabling them to benefit from your data allocation.

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