UBA Transfer Code And List Of UBA USSD Codes

UBA USSD Code UBA Transfer Code

This article contains information about the UBA Transfer Code and a comprehensive list of all the USSD codes available for various transactions with UBA Bank. It covers how to register and activate these services, essential details you should be aware of, and much more.

UBA stands as one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks, and it offers a USSD code service that allows its customers to conduct a wide range of banking transactions using their mobile phones.

This convenient service has not only made banking easier but has also contributed significantly to financial inclusion in Nigeria, particularly among the underbanked population.

So, if you’re in search of the UBA code for tasks such as money transfers, balance inquiries, airtime top-ups, bill payments, or any other transactions related to your UBA account, please join me as we explore the details in this post.

UBA USSD Code & It’s Services

The UBA USSD code, which is *919#, serves as a versatile tool for multiple banking transactions. These transactions encompass checking your account balance, transferring funds, settling bills, and purchasing airtime.

To utilize the UBA USSD code, you should dial *919# from your registered mobile phone number. Subsequently, adhere to the on-screen prompts to complete your chosen transaction.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to register and activate the code on your phone line to enable the UBA transfer code to function. This can be achieved by following the steps outlined below.

How To Register And Activate The UBA USSD Codes

To register and activate the UBA USSD Code, follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Open your phone’s dialer app and use the phone number linked to your UBA Bank account.
  • 2. Dial *919#.
  • 3.Accept the UBA mobile banking terms (charges) by choosing the “Accept” option.
  • 4. Select option 1 to sign up for the UBA USSD code.
  • 5.Decide whether to register with our NUBAN account number or UBA prepaid account.
  • 6.If you have a UBA prepaid account,choose”Prepaid with PIN.”
  • 7. If you’re a regular customer, select the “Account with PIN” option.
  • 8. Enter four UBA account number or prepaid number.

In summary, you can easily register and activate the UBA transfer code without needing an ATM card. Just dial *919# and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain your PIN and activate your mobile banking features.

List Of UBA Bank Ussd Codes for different transactions

UBA USSD Transfer Code:

here are the UBA USSD transfer codes:

1. To send money from UBA to another UBA account:

  • Dial *919*3*Account Number*Amount#

2. To transfer money from UBA to accounts in other banks:

  • Dial *919*4*Account Number*Amount#

Once you’ve dialed the appropriate code, follow these steps:

  • Select the recipient’s bank.
  • Enter your PIN to authorize the transfer.

This allows you to easily initiate transfers from your UBA account to either UBA or other banks with these convenient USSD codes.

UBA USSD Code To Open Account:

To open a UBA Bank account via USSD, simply Dial *919*20#. After dialing, accept the mobile banking terms, and then follow the prompts to complete the account opening process with UBA.

UBA Bank USSD Code To Check Account Balance:

To check your UBA account balance, Dial *919*00#, and then enter your PIN when prompted. Your available account balance will be displayed on your screen.

UBA USSD Code To Check Account Statement:

To obtain a statement of your UBA account, Dial *919*21# using the USSD code.

UBA Bank USSD Code To Buy Airtime:

To purchase airtime with UBA, Dial *919*Amount# for your own SIM linked to your UBA account, or use *919*Phone Number*Amount# to buy airtime for other phone numbers or SIMs.

U B A USSD Code To Buy Data:

To buy data with UBA, dial *919*14# to purchase data for your own phone number registered with the account. If you want to buy data bundles for other people, use the code *919*14*Phone Number#.

UBA USSD Code To Pay Bills:

To pay bills with UBA Bank via USSD, you can use the code *919*5#. This code allows you to make various bill payments, including electricity, water, DSTV, GoTV, Startime, and more.

U B A USSD Code For Cardless Withdrawal:

To perform a UBA cardless withdrawal, you can use the USSD code *919*30*Amount#. For example, if you want to withdraw N3,000, Dial *919*30*15000# and follow the prompts as instructed.

UBA USSD Code To Block Account:

To deactivate or block your UBA account, you can use the USSD code *919*911#. Simply dial this code and follow the on-screen options to initiate the account deactivation process.

UBA Bank USSD Code To Obtain Loan:

To apply for a loan with UBA Bank, you can use the USSD code *919*28#. Just dial this code to access the loan application process.

UBA Bank USSD Code To Retrieve BVN:

To retrieve your BVN with UBA, Dial *919*18# using the USSD code.

Here are some key things to know about the UBA USSD  Codes:

1. Available for Multiple Networks: This service is accessible to subscribers of MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel.

2. Exclusive to UBA Bank Customers: The USSD code is exclusively for Wema Bank account holders.

3. Phone Number Registration:            To utilize this service, you must have an active phone number registered with your UBA Bank account.

4. 24/7 Availability:                                 You can use this service at any time, as it is available 24 hours a day, every day, including during odd hours.

UBA USSD Code Frequently Asked questions (FAQS)
I forgot my PIN. How can I change/reset my PIN?

You can change or reset your PIN by dialing *919# and selecting ‘PIN Setup’ from the menu.

What are the transaction limits available on USSD?

The transaction limits for USSD are as follows:

  • PIN transactions: N20,000 per transaction and per day.
  • Token transactions: N1 million per transaction and per day for customers with a token but no indemnity.
  • Airtime purchase: Limited to N5,000 per day, and only PIN authentication is required for this.
What do I need to qualify for this service?

To qualify for this service, you need to be enrolled for SMS alerts, and the phone number you are using to dial the code must be associated with the account or prepaid card you are trying to enroll.

Will I be charged when enrolling for the first time?

No, as a new user, enrollment is free. However, for subsequent transactions as an existing user, there is a charge of N6.98 per USSD session.

How do I register for USSD (Magic Banking)?

There are two registration options for USSD (Magic Banking):

  • With UBA Account.
  • With UBA Prepaid Card.

To register, dial *919# to access the Main Menu and select your desired option based on your account type.


UBA offers a range of convenient USSD codes for various banking services. You can check your account balance with *919*00#, transfer money to UBA accounts using *919*3*, transfer to other banks with *919*4*, and pay bills, including electricity, water, DSTV, GoTV, Startimes, and more, using *919*5#. These USSD codes simplify banking tasks and provide easy access to your UBA account from your mobile phone, making your financial transactions more convenient and accessible.


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